Photo Gallery

Registration 1952
Registration at Santa Barbara St. location circa 1952
Henry Bagish and students circa 1952-1953
Dr. Bowman and SBCC Staff, Riviera Campus 1955
SBCC Faculty 1964
1963-64, Dr. Robert Rockwell and the new Student Services building under construction
Channels photo of hay being spread at Leadbetter Beach to soak up crude oil after 1969 oil spill.
Groundbreaking Luria Library: Helen Pedotti, Eli Luria, Peter MacDougall, Kathryn Alexander
Peter MacDougall and Eli Luria in front of Luria Library.


Seven Presidents: Lorenzo Dall’Armi, Robert Rockwell, David Mertes, Dr. Peter MacDougall, Dr. Glenn Gooder, Joseph Cosand and Dr. Julio Bortolozzo
Board of Trustees and Dr. MacDougall, 1988